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As longtime Coffee News publishers, we have declared that complete.

The Covid-19 outbreak has affected us all. Restaurants have been severely impacted.

In Coffee News, restaurants have always been our partners.

Thus, we’ve made the tough decision to complete Coffee News publication in the piedmont area of North Carolina, after 14 years.

It was a good run. When we started publishing, ads were lot easier to sell! Back then, there was no such thing as a Facebook ad. Google had just begun selling ads. YouTube was a few months old. And Instagram did not exist.

Back then, every house in the neighborhood got a daily newspaper. Not anymore.

Coffee News has enjoyed a large, consistent readership. Even with everyone on their smartphones all the time, we still enjoyed a great following, seemingly undiminished.

Although we’ve worked hard to introduce digital components into our product, the Coffee News culture has never fully embraced social media or online advertising. Coffee News is retro, fun, and old school print. On paper.

That said, digital has been king for awhile and it’s definitely king now.

We can’t deliver to restaurants when they’re closed, and we can’t deliver a product made of paper that people return to the stand for others to read. Not when there’s a dangerous virus that lives on surfaces.

We have a hunch people still want something fun and positive to read — so we’re giving this website/email version a try.

It’s not Coffee News. We won’t be licensed to publish that much longer. But it will be similar in spirit and content. I hope you enjoy it.

Sam and Alicia Post, publishers

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The Coffee Club team is excited about the possibilities of this new service.

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